Foil Stamping Information

Foil stamping can give your book an elegant look.

Book1One offers three cover options for hard cover books: a full-color printed cover wrap, a cloth cover with or without foil stamping, and a faux (imitation) leather cover with or without foil stamping. If your cover is to have a full-color cover wrap, you will need to design your front cover, back cover and spine, and use our hard cover sizing diagram to ensure that your cover will properly fit your book.

If you choose either a cloth or faux leather cover with foil stamping and your stamping involves basic text and numbers (such as book title, author's name, date, etc.), it will not be necessary for you to create a "formal" cover design for your book. Therefore, you would not need to use the cover sizing diagram.

Instead, to create your cover file for uploading purposes, simply create a black and white only PDF file of your front cover in the page size equal to your text page size and position the text (and numbers) where you would like them foil stamped on your front cover. If you would like stamping done on your spine, after you upload your cover file, in the "Additional Instructions" box, note what you would like stamped on the spine and if you want it right justified, left justified or centered. From this information, we will assemble your complete cover and fit and stamp your text using Times New Roman font.

Cloth and faux leather coverings are available in any of four colors: black, navy blue, dark red and green. Foil stamping is available in either a gold or silver color.

In many instances and if requested, we can foil stamp an image such as an insignia or custom font on your front cover as well. A one-time additional charge would be necessary to cover cost of producing a special stamp for your image. 


Hardcover Book Foil Stamping on Faux Leather and Cloth Covers

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Cloth and Faux Leather Color Choices:


Black Cloth and Faux Leather Hardcover Books
Navy Blue Cloth and Faux Leather Hardcover Books
Dark Read Cloth and Faux Leather Hardcover Books
Green Cloth and Faux Leather Hardcover Books
Black Navy Blue Dark Red Green

NOTE: Colors may not display accurately due to differences in monitor settings

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