Book1One guarantees your satisfaction with the workmanship of your book, and that your finished product will meet the highest quality production standards. If your book arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect, contact us by e-mail at HelpDesk@Book1One.com or give us a call at 585-458-2101 within 14 days of receipt. We will gladly correct the problem.

Book1One does not proof, edit, or alter your content in any way. It is your responsibility to review your book before you send the file. We recommend you print a hard copy of your book on your own local printer for final review and check the following:

  • Typos, grammar and any other text errors
  • Low-resolution images that appear blurry in print
  • Design issues, format, organization, style, color and page layout
  • Make sure the proper font is embedded in the file

We do not accept returns or process refunds for any reason as your book is a custom, personal product. If it is determined that there was shipping damage or a defect caused by Book1One, we will gladly replace your books with new copies.

Obtaining a price quote is very easy and is something you can do quickly right on our website. Determining a price can be done one of two ways and will depend upon what book design software you use to create your book.

If you are using your own book design software, regardless of the type of book it is, you can determine the cost to produce your book using our online price calculator. On many of our web pages, including our home page, you will find a red "Get an Instant Price Quote" button. Simply click on this button.

A screen will appear asking you (via drop down menus) to insert the parameters of your book - things like the type of book binding you wish to have (softcover, hardcover, etc.), the text or page size, the paper stock, number of pages, and the number of books you would like to order. Once you have filled in this information, click on the "calculate price" button, and your price will appear on the screen.

Book1One is not only a state-of-the-art company utilizing the most up-to-date technology, but is backed by over 100 years of book manufacturing experience. Our personalized service, no upfront fees or charges, and no minimum quantity requirements are some of the biggest reasons why authors choose us. Since our beginning in 2005, we have worked with over 10,000 individuals, independent book publishers and organizations seeking book printing services.

Book1One works exclusively with PDF files. Creating a PDF is very easy and can be done two different ways.

Using your own PDF converter either online or as a print driver on your own computer you can convert your document to PDF. When converting to PDF please maintain the "highest resolution" and make sure the fonts are embedded. 

We have a selection of uncoated papers or gloss/matte coated papers depending on the desire and need of each book printing job. Our uncoated paper is available in a basis weight of either 50# or 60#, and our coated papers are available in a basis weight of either 80# or 100#.

Uncoated paper does not have any kind of coating. It has no sheen to it and can be written on easily. Coated paper can be either gloss or matte, generally produces sharper, brighter images and has better reflectivity than uncoated paper.

Basis weight is the weight in pounds of 500 sheets (one ream) of a standard basic size. For example, the standard basic size for text papers is 25x38". A ream of basis 70 text sheets in that size weighs 70 lbs. The basic size for cover papers is 20x26". Weighing 500 sheets of any grade of paper in its proper basic size will determine its basis weight. In other words, 500 sheets of 17x22" 24-pound Bond will weigh 24 pounds. The heavier the basis weight, the heavier the paper.

You can upload your book files to us one of two ways. If you have created your book using your own software design program, you will find on many of our web pages, a "Place Your Order" button. To begin the uploading process, click on this button and follow the uploading instructions.

If you have created a book using Book1One's photo book software program or a calendar using Book1One's photo calendar software, each program will provide you with instructions to upload your file.

Softcover (perfect bound) and plastic coil books are produced and ready to ship within five business days. Hardcover books are ready to ship within 10 business days. For more information on this and rush order shipments, please visit our specific book binding styles pages.

With one exception, rush orders can be accommodated if noted in your ordering information. For rush orders; softcover and plastic coil can be ready and shipped within 3 business days, and hardcover in seven. We will do our very best to meet your needs. Rush requirements may be subject to an additional charge. 

The exception pertains to our photo book software. Please note that when using Book1One’s photo book software, we cannot accept rush orders and are limited to shipping photo books to within the confines of the United States.

Yes! We stock both imitation (faux) leather and cloth cover materials in several color choices in addition to a printed cover wrap for hardcover books. You can view the color choices on our foil stamping information page.

We work directly from PDF files submitted by our customers. We do not offer publishing services such as typesetting, editing, copywriting, proofreading or design, page layout or e-book formatting. However, if you have not already done so, you may wish to visit our Useful Links for Authors & Publishers page. On this page you find a reference list (with links) of book writing and other author services. If you are a company that offers these services and would like to be added to our list, please let us know.

Copyrighting a book is a choice to be made by each author. However, most authors prefer to copyright their works. Book1One does not offer this service, but to learn more about copyrighting and the copyrighting process, please go to the U.S. Copyright Office website for more information.

Because the process is slightly different with each book binding style, your pages may have some formatting requirements specific to that binding style in order for your book to turn out the way you want. For more information, click on the binding style web page that corresponds to the binding option you have selected for your book project.

We can print most any size book you wish in either a portrait or landscape layout, from a minimum size of 5.25 x 5.25 inches to a maximum of 9 x 12 inches or 10x10 inches. The only exception is saddle stitch binding where the minimum size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches and the maximum 8 1/2 x 11 inches.The page sizes listed on this website are the most popular sizes. However, if your page size is something other than one of the sizes listed, when using our website price calculator or placing an order (uploading files) click on the next largest page dimensions. For example, if your book page dimensions were 7 x 9 inches, you should select the 8 1/2 x 11 inch option. Then in the "Additional Instructions" box note the custom size book you are looking to print.

Certainly! We can foil stamp whatever you want on you book cover and spine. If you would like a logo or any other stamped design on the cover or if you would like your cover personalized in some way, we can perform that service for an additional charge. Just let us know in the comment section on your order form how you want your books decorated when you place your order. For more information regarding our foil stamping services, visit our foil stamping information page.

Yes, if you would rather have a full color dust jacket instead of a full color printed cover wrap, we have created a dust jacket sizing diagram that will help you correctly size your book's dust jacket. The sizing diagram link can also be found on our hardcover binding webpage as well as our cover sizing diagrams webpage.

Please note that there is a $3.50 per book upcharge for dust jackets in quantities of 1 to 300 books, and a $3.00 per book upcharge for quantities over 300 books.

Perfect binding is the trade name for the process of binding paperback books or softcover books. In this process, adhesive is applied to the spine side of the book pages, and the cover (usually comprised of 100# cover stock with a film lamination) is then wrapped around the pages. After the adhesive has cured, the book is trimmed on three sides, resulting in an attractive and functional perfect bound book.

We can do perfect binding for quantities from 1 to 1000. The quality is fantastic and our equipment is capable of performing inline scoring and edge gluing with computer enhanced set-up.

Yes. This is a great solution for some situations, and many authors choose to do just that. We can produce a combination run of case bound, hardcover books and perfect bound, softcover books, if you wish. The hardcover project and softcover project should be treated as separate book orders, noting how many of each you would like. 

Yes. We print all of our book covers in full color.

Printed covers for hardcover books are normally film laminated with gloss film. The gloss film not only adds a great deal of protection, it also creates a beautiful gloss finish. If you do not want a gloss finish on you book, we do offer a matte finish film at an additional charge.

Covers for softcover books are UV coated. You can, however, select a gloss or matte film lamination for your covers at an additional charge.

For more information, please visit our hard and soft cover binding pages.

Ground and Overnight shipping is available.

Book1One does not offer any other binding options outside of hardcover, softcover, and plastic coil.

An endleaf is what actually holds the book to the cover on a hardcover book. It is an uncoated sheet of paper that is fully pasted to the inside of the front and back cover and is glued to the binding edge of the first and last page of the book block or text.

Yes, The minimum number of pages that can be hardcover or softcover bound through a standard process is 24. For 100# coated papers the maximum page count is 600 pages. For 100# uncoated paper the maximum is 450 pages. For 50# and 60# uncoated along with 80# coated, the maximum is 750 pages.

Plastic coil books have a minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 450.

Yes. For any order placed with us, there is an option whereby you can select to have a proof copy sent to you for your approval prior to beginning production of your order. The following additional charges would apply:

  • For unbound proofs, the upcharge is $50.00.
  • For bound softcover books, the upcharge is $75.00.
  • For bound hardcover books, the upcharge is $125.00.

The only exception is that proof copies are not available on photo books using the Book1One downloadable software.
Prior to requesting a proof copy with your order, we suggest you get a price quote for a single book order using our website price calculator. Depending on the specifications of your book, you may discover that ordering one book may be less costly than a proof charge.

The standard cover paper Book1One uses for softcover and plastic coil bound books is 100# cover stock with gloss UV coating. 

Digital printing allows you to position colored pages anywhere you wish to have them within black/white pages of your book. When placing your order and uploading your content pages file, there will be a place in the special instructions where you can identify what pages are colored. You should describe your book as having black/white pages and then list the specific page numbers that will be color. No other requirements are necessary.

Book1One is not able to print both portrait and landscape oriented pages from the same file. Therefore, all pages in a text file must be either portrait or landscape, but not both. If some of the pages are portrait oriented and others are landscape, it is probable that some of the pages in the file may be truncated during the printing process.

Gloss film lamination, the standard coating used on printed covers for hardcover books, is a solid gloss clear film placed over the printed cover. The film lamination provides a very durable protection to the cover printing, inhibiting scratching and scuffing.

Yes, we do offer shipping to Canada via USPS Priority International for customers submitting print-ready PDF files via our online order system. We are not, however, able to offer international shipping for customers using our downloaded photo book and photo calendar software. International shipping rates are based on the project specifications and the ship-to location, and is calculated during the order process.

Two of the printed cover options for soft cover, plastic coil and saddle stitch books are gloss UV coating and gloss film lamination. Although both options offer a gloss finish, gloss film lamination provides a higher gloss and is more durable. Gloss UV coating is the standard cover finish and included in the price of printing a book. Gloss film lamination can be selected for an additional charge of $.65 per book.

No. You can only use one type of paper stock within a book. For example, if you choose 60# stock for your text pages it is the only type of paper you can use for those pages.

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I just received my book order of an early 1900's scrapbook replica you printed for me - and it is perfect! I can't wait to show it to my client and display it at a networking show next month. Many thanks for a great job.

Wendy McSweeney
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It has been a pleasure working with you on my photo book project. Many of my colleagues have complimented the book's photo colors and quality.

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Author & Photographer of
The Secret Life of the Grand Lake Pelican

You did a wonderful job with our book project. Everything was done exactly the way we had envisioned it.

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My book looks amazing! This is the first time I have used your services, and I could not be happier. Thank you for exceeding my expectations in every way.

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I received my cookbooks today and wanted you to know how much I appreciate the wonderful printing and binding job you did. You have helped put together a 'treasured keepsake' for our family.

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