Book Cover Sizing Diagrams

Use Book1One’s sizing diagrams to correctly size your cover to fit your book.

If you are creating a hard cover or soft cover book, it is critical that the size of your cover (and dust jacket if you are creating one) correctly fit your book.

Book1One has developed interactive diagrams to help you size your cover. To download the diagram you need to click on the link below that applies to your book project.

Once you have downloaded the diagram, you will be asked to input your page trim size (width and height of your pages), your page count and the paper stock you plan to use. Please note that page counts are based on 2-sided print. If you are using 1-sided print, you should double your page count amount.

Once you have inputted your project data, move the cursor to any white space on the page and click. The diagram will recalculate and show the correct measurements for your cover or dust jacket. You should then print out the diagram and use as a measurement guide for your cover or dust jacket design.

Hardcover Sizing Diagram

Softcover Sizing Diagram

Dust Jacket Sizing Diagram


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